Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mark's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety
Here are some internet safety videos.


The message of this video is

Your Digital Footprint is important

It's your choice
- Don't take mean things to heart
- Find things you love to do
- If things get hard, get help 
- Don't lose hope
- Have confidence
Everybody knows your name
- Anything you post can be seen by anyone
- Think before you post
- Don't post naughty pictures
- Don't send inappropriate pictures.
- Never lose hope
- If you wont say it to someone, why say it online?
- Words hurt
- Don't send mean things
- Don't be part of it
- Don't encourage cyber-bullying
Words Hurt
- Words hurt don't be part of it
- Don't say mean words
- Don't say it
- Don't cyber-bullying
- Don't be part of it
Talent Show Cyber Bullying
- Don't type it if you wont say it.
- Don't cyber-bully 
- Don't type it
- You have to face consequences when you say something mean
- Confront the bully
Bulletin Board
- Think before you post
- Don't post things you wouldn't want anyone to see
- Don't reveal personal information
- Don't lose hope 
- Don't share anyone's private pictures, information, or address.


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