Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ian Pagtakhan's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety

the message of this video is to think before you post. And never put anything online that you'll regret in the future 

Your digital footprint is important because every thing you do on the internet will be documented on your account.

Its Your Choice
  • don't think mean things to heart 
  • find some thing you love and do it with your friends 
  • get help 
  • don't loose hope
  • confidence 

Everyone Knows Your Name
  • watch what you post 
  • anyone can see what you post 
  • don't post personal things
  • don't post things you will regret in the future 
  • don't loose hope

  • don't bully people online
  • tell an adult
  • ignore 
  • be respectful 
  • have confidence 

Words Hurt
  • don't say hurtful things 
  • tell an adult
  • be respectful 
  • ignore the bully
  • have hope

Talent Show 

  • ignore the bully
  • tell someone 
  • be nice 
  • don't be a bully
  • don't loose hope



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