Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kristopher's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety
Here are some internet safety videos:

This video message is... Think before you post because ANYONE can see what you post unless you make it private.

Talent Show

Bulletin Board

Words Hurt

Kitchen Cyber Bullying

Your Digital Footprint is important.

It's your choice.
1. Don't take mean things to heart.
2. Find things you love to do and people to do them with.
3. If its rough get help.
4. Don't lose hope.
5. Have fun!

Everyone knows your name.
1. Think before you post.
2. Don't post pictures of your self.
3. Don't post pictures of others without permission
4. Be careful of what you post.
5. Don't talk to strangers.

1. Get better friends.
2. Try to get away from cyber bullying.
3. Talk to an Adult/Teacher.
4. Some Words are mean.
5. Don't post personal stuff online.

Words Hurt.
1. Words don't hurt the meaning does.
2. Try to get away from the bullies.
3. Talk to an adult/teacher.
4. Stand up for yourself
5. Ask them to stop

Talent Show.
1. Don't judge people by their looks.
2.  Ignore the hate.
3. Don't worry.
4. Talk to an adult/teacher.
5. It doesn't matter what they say.


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