Saturday, May 30, 2015

Francesca's More than One Medieval Prezis

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My first Prezi

My second Prezi

Prezi is a similar website to Google Presentations. It enabled me to pick a template, insert pictures, and play with fonts - very much close to Google Presentations. Except I was able to play around with Prezi more since there are many options to choose from. This is a very unique website. I see myself using this again for an assignment that I want to do electronically. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ferdinand's Medieval Sayings

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Here are my sayings

Prezi is a website that lets you make really nice presentations. Giving your ideas some life. They give you many assortments of templates that you can play around with. Or start from scratch. It also add creativity  into your work and products. Its also a basic modifying software that gives you a choice if you want to download your item or just save it.

Jonathan's Medieval Prezi

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Prezi is a website that lets you make a presentation. There are different sorts of templates to use and they look really awesome. You can make a slide and make it a circle, a bracket, a rectangle, or you can make it invisible. You can also zoom in so you can transition slides so they look like you are zooming in, or zooming out. Prezi also allows you to copy and paste pictures or text into it from Google. Prezi is a good free to use software that you do not need to download and is really efficient.

Ian`s Old Sayings Prezi

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Prezi is a website that allows you to do power points in a new fashion. Prezi is very unique, you can pick a layout of your choice and and create how to templates move.

Rj's Prezis Medieval Age Saying

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This is the two sayings I chose:

This is my second saying I chose

In i learned how to turn a normal presentation into a creative presentation. It taught me how to make different types of presentation (so basically like a creative one). can be created from scratch (like the presentation) or you can create your own way in Prezi, you can have a different background instead of just white background.

Mark's Medieval Prezi

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Prezi is a really cool version of Google Powerpoint. In Prezi you can make a really cool transition slide to slide, basically the prezi starts in a very big picture and when you transition to another slide it zooms in to that slide. So basically its just a cooler version of Google Powerpoint.

Medieval Prezi KristopherO

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 Prezi is a program used for presenting stuff like whatever you want! I really did enjoy making prezis its just full of elements that you can use, like for example you can make a NEWSPAPER isn't that GREAT! Also you can build some things using the Lego. I am definitely going to be using the in the future to help me get a job in class etc!!!

Kim's More Than One Medieval Prezi

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Here's My Medieval Prezi:

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

Frog In Your Throat.

What I learned in Prezi :
I learned that Prezi is a good site to do presentations for a beginner. Using Prezi can make your life easier. You can use Prezi many ways. You will be able to use it on presentations, school reports, business matters and lesson plans. Prezi has a lot of templates to choose from. You can also make up your own patterns and designs with your slide. Prezi also allow users to embed it on sites. You can also connect it on a big screen. Using Prezi can make your presentation more appealing to viewers. Prezi make your presentation a whole new level that would shock your viewers.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Denice's Medieval Prezis (yes more than one)

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[insert excuse of a title here]

Prezi is a website that lets you create cool presentations that would otherwise be less engaging and interesting. It has some rather peculiar templates that can be used and modified to your needs. You can use it on your own things if you can handle making something so absurdly incredible, or if you want to horse around. I know I'd definitely use it one day; heck look I used it right here isn't that neat. That willing day has yet to come.

Fili's Medieval Prezi (More than one)

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My Medieval Prezis

I have found that prezi  has many things or elements that can enhance your ordinary presentation to a creative presentation. Different templates, and the way it is set up, for example the green prezi, you don't just get a presentation that goes slide over slide, but the way this is set up, it "flows," over the next slide. In general, prezi has a lot to offer to enhance and make your presentation a lot more appealing.

Maybhelle's Medieval Prezi

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Here is my Medieval Prezi:



I've learned that prezi is so cool. You can choose some templates you want and you can make your own pattern with your slides. Using prezi is make your life easy. You can use it for presentation, reporting, lesson plans and business matters. You can easily embed it on blogger and you can connect it on a big screen.

Henrielle's Medieval Prezi

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Saved by the Bell

Rule of Thumb

Prezi is such an amazing site to use for presentations. And it's much more easier to insert photos like instead of importing it one by one you can just search it and it will give you tons of photos that is free to use or share.

Sunday, May 3, 2015