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Miles Sison We Day Poster

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      For my speaker of we day, I chose the one and only, Spencer
West. Spencer West lot his leg at the age of 5 due to genetic disorders,
but that didn't stop him from doing the impossible. Spencer West cli-
med Mount Kilimanjaro, mountain that is the height of 5,895 m, He
climbed a mountain, WITHOUT LEGS, A MOUNTAIN THAT IS
5,895 M in height. Mount Kilimanjaro is 4th in ranking out of the highest
mountains in the world. This is what led for him thinking that anything
is possible.

We can redefine, Possible - Spencer West

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sebastian We Day

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    Spencer West is a 31 year old male who lost his legs when he was 5 years old. He is a very strong man and he speaks for a lot of people and he makes a huge impact on this world. He climbed Mt Kilimanjaro without legs! He did that to fund raise money for drinking water for Kenya.

   He is a very important man and he can change the world.

Chau's We Day Posters Assignment

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Spencer West is an inspiring speaker for We Day. He motives young youth like us to make a difference and become the bigger person to make a chance even if it is in our community.

One of the quotes he mentioned at this year's We Day is ''technology has the way to change the world.'' That is a true statement because technology did improve and evolved over time and it did change the world and how we live and more.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mark's WE day posters

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Sydney is a speaker for WE Day. She wants us to change the world no matter what age, race , or skin colour we are. One of her quote say "It doesn't matter what race, age, or skin colour you are. You can change the world!" Its true because you don't need to be some well known delegate for the U.N. You can just be a normal teenager wanting to change the world.

Lucas's We day

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Travis was a target of bulling for the clothes he wore and his actions. To make him self feel better, Travis played video games, sports and listened to music.  Travis helped a younger student That had suffered from bulling. Because of this Travis and David Shepherd created Pink Day. 

Kristopher's We Day Poster 8-73

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This is Spencer West he is a man with no legs he was born with a disease so they had to cut his legs off they weren't really legs though, when he is telling his story he says "I was swimming in the ocean and a shark bit them off" but it wasn't true.

He was a cheerleader he was good at doing cartwheels, he has climbed a mountain but he needed some help though a quote he has said is "One cartwheel at a time" and my favorite quote "There is no cant's no wont's only hows!"

RJ's WE DAY Poster

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The speaker i chose from the We Day is Sydney Brouillard-Coyle. Her speech in We Day was stunning, on her speech she said "Children are the Future and Present". That's the quote i chose because it is a quote that really speak to me. Sydney is a 13 years-old girl who presented on We Day at October at Manitoba that was held in MTS Center.

Here is my bookmark from language arts.

Ian's We Day posters

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Malala Youasfzai is a very courageous and important speaker for WE Day. Malala helps and inspires young Pakistan girls go to school for a proper education 

I chose this quote because it's true and also because its really really inspiring 



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Fili's We Day Posters

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We Day
Spencer West:
"Even if you are different, you can always be a difference maker."
Spencer West is one of the speakers in We Day. He is one extraordinary person. When Spencer West said, "Even if you are different, you can always be a difference maker," I felt "Wow-ed." To me, this quote means that whether you have a disability, or you're in a bad condition, no matter what, you can still be a difference maker.Whether it may be being blind, not able to move or anything, you can still have that one goal of being an awesome difference maker. Even if you do something small that makes a positive impact in the world, you're already a difference maker.

Rob Nash:
"Never too young to make a change in the world."

Jannelle's We Day Posters

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14 year old girl, Sydney Brouillard - Coyle is one of the speakers for We Day. Sydney dreams of being elected to be the Prime Minister of Canada. When she was 9, she went to local clothing cupboard to volunteer in the morning, and she saw countless people without any proper clothing for winter. She met a guy named "Richard" and followed him to the basement where the clothes were kept. After when she saw Richard, she wanted to do something. So she started the "Garden of Love". At the age of 12, Sydney was invited to speak at We Days across Canada. 
           The quote that I chose from Sydney was "It doesn't matter what your race, age, or skin colour you are, you are made to change the world". I chose this quote because it doesn't matter at all if your skin colour is white or black, or if your a 9 years old, you can change the world. Anyone can change the world by taking small steps. 

Harry's We Day Posters

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The speaker I choose was Spencer West. Spencer West was a guy whose legs were amputated when he was five years old due to a genetic disorder. The doctor told his parents that Spencer might not live a normal life. He proved them wrong. Spencer climbed a mountain, and even went to Kenya. There is a very famous quote he always say, "Forget the cant's, forget the wont's, go for the hows.

Francesca's We Day Posters

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Marc and Craig Kielburger are one of the many speakers in We Day. These two difference makers started changing the world when they were twelve years old. One of the things they mentioned were, "Turn your passion into actions." To me, that means that if you want to be a difference maker, and you're passionate about it, there is always a way to make that passion of yours work. That's exactly what they did. Another statement that stuck with me would be, "The power of teamwork can change the world", meaning if we all work together, we will be successful to making this world a better place.
Travis Price also spoke at We Day. He was the one who started the Pink Shirt Day. He first started it in Nova Scotia when someone was bullied in high school for wearing a pink shirt. One of the things he said was to not let someone interfere with something you can do.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jonathan's We Day Poster

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Ashley Murphy is a speaker at We Day. At Vancouver she talked about how we can stop bullying. She was born with HIV. She believes that we can turn weaknesses to strengths. She also told us that you should "accept yourself". She told us that you can "rock your differences". She met up with 2 kids in Africa that were 10 and 15 years old that also had HIV but they were too busy having fun to think about it.

Spencer West is another speaker for We Day. When he was 5 years old, his legs were removed because of a genetic disease. He couldn't join a sports team in his school years but he didn't give up, he tried out for cheer leading. In We Day Spencer told us that there is no cant's, there is no wont's, only how's. He also said that we can show the importance by focusing on the how's. What he is trying to say is that we can do anything, just think how we can do it.

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Maybhelle's We Day Posters

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Craig and Marc Keilburger are International activists and co-founders of We Day. They spoken in WE Day in Winnipeg, Manitoba. One of the quotes that really speak to me is "WE BELIEVE IN CHANGES". Another quote they said was"The heart of empowerment is WE". It's really inspiring to listen to their speech. We believe that we can make a difference. They said we are so deeply believe in WE DAY that's why we need to move the world from me to we.

We need to believe to our own abilities that we can make the world to a better place. We are the generation that believe in the power of WE. We need to take step to be the change of the world. They encourage people to be the changer of our world. Their speech is so powerful and inspiring. They said every human in the world can make a difference. I am amaze to them that they can be a stronger or I would say hopeful people in the world. They said that really inspire me is TURN PASSION INTO ACTION.

My Bookmark

Poimani's We Day Posters

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Marc and Craig Kiel-burger are the finders of the worlds social change: Free the Change, an all over world Charity, We Day and Me to We, a signature youth empowerment. On October the 29th 2014 at the MTS center.

I chose the quote "Gift + Issue = Change" because it's a powerful message to us, to whoever who would want to make a change.

Kim's We Day Posters

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Marc and Craig Kiel-burger are co-founders of the world's leading platform for social change: Free The Children, an international charity, Me to We , an innovative social enterprise, and We Day , a signature youth empowerment. On October 29, 2014 at MTS center here in Winnipeg, they were to speak at We Day infront of hundreds of different makers.

One of their quotes that I chose to use is "The most important equation to learn is Give+Issue=Change" because it is really meaningful and a good message to people that want to make a difference. Marc and Craig teach us how to be responsible and how to be a difference maker to help the world change. Anyone can be a difference maker in anyways that they want. Ex :
Be a risk taker , Help students who is getting bullied , Participate in any activities that has something to do on helping people, like what we did last year we help typhoon victims in the philippines by running a fundraser to earn money.

Ferdinand's We Day

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          Sydney Brouillard-Coyle is a speaker at We Day. She is 12 years of age. Her dream is to be the Prime Minister of Canada.  She said even " children can make a difference."  When shes Prime Ministers, issues will be instantly addressed. Her story at We Day was about a 9 year old girl and a homeless man.

          Anyone can make a difference. Even children of all ages. Everyone should be equal. It doesn't matter what age, what race you are to make a change in the world. You are made to change the world. It's our duty to LIGHT UP YOUR SPARK's, turn them into a flame and keep it going.

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Henrielle's We Day Posters And Bookmark

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We Day

Craig and Marc Kielburger

International activists and co-fonder in We day.They spoke in We Day in Winnipeg,Manitoba. One of the quotes that really speak to me was "The heart of empowerment is WE". It's really inspiring because you can't be empowered just by yourself. There won't be WE if all you think about is ME.

Thinking that you can survive on your own. Maybe you need to change your perspective.How will you survive without any help from the other?.You can't do things if you are not encourage to do it for someone. For example your parents that work so hard just to feed you and supply all your need. Do you think they would work that hard if it's only for them?. No, they won't because they have someone that inspire them to work hard.

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Denice's We Day Posters

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Spencer West had his legs removed due to a genetic disease. He decided to accept and overcome his disability even though people thought he would never live a normal, fulfilling life. Spencer proved them wrong by climbing a mountain, walking 187 kilometers between two cities, and even going on a trip to Kenya. He couldn't be athletic at school due to his leglessness, so he became a cheerleader even as 'the awkward kid.' Through all of his hardships he can say, "There is no can'ts, there is no won'ts, only hows."

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