Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fili Domingo's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety

The message of the video is think before you post.

Your digital dossier is important because whatever you do in the online world is recorded. You shouldn't put up pictures that reveal yourself because it can never be deleted.
It's Your Choice:

- Don't take means things to heart.
- Find things you love to do and find people to do them with.
- If things get worse, get help
- Have confidence
Everyone Knows Your Name:

- Think before you post.
- Anyone can see what you post
- Don't post anything that reveals yourself
- Don't post personal things online.
- Don't post anything that you will regret in the future.

Kitchen-Cyber bullying:

- Don't say anything that will hurt someone in the real world or in the online world.
- Don't insult at all.
- Just leave if it gets worse.
- Don't talk back, just leave.
- Tell someone if it happens.
Words Hurt:

- Don't insult.
- Tell an adult if it happens.
- Ignore them.
- Don't bully.
- Don't be a part of.
Talent Show:

- Don't insult anyone.
- Ignore them.
- Tell an adult
- Don't bully or cyber bully.
- Be nice.


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