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Jannelle's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety

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Here are some Internet Safety Videos

The message of this video is to not post anything about yourself on the web. If you post something about yourself like your body, where you are,  what your doing, etc, they might watch your every move. People all around the world will know who you are because of what you do. Once it's out, everyone will know your name eventually. There are a lot of people around the world that does these kind of things, so you have to be careful of what you post.

Your Digital Footprint is important

The message of this video is when people will track down your every move by not putting your settings on privacy or posting different things. Lot's of people post pictures of their family, themselves, or their friends. People think that it's okay to post pictures or personal information, but really it's not because lots of people track down you or anyone that your close to. People sign up on a lot of different websites, that contains your personal information. Many people don't realize that some of the websites they're signing up on, might be a stalker.

It's your choice

- Bullying
- Don't take mean things to heart
- If things get rough, get help
- Have confidence
- Find things you love to do and people to do them with

Everyone knows your name

- Don't post anything about yourself
- Think before you post
- Don't add anyone you don't know
- Anyone can see what your doing
- People talk about you


- Cyber bullying
- Don't say it to their face or online
- Rumors 
- Don't believe what others say about you online
- Trying to be popular 

Words Hurt

- Don't say anything mean
- "Loser" 
- "Geek"
- Don't trust popular people
- Make you become a weaker person

Talent Show Cyber bullying

- Don't say anything about them in front of anyone
- Don't tell your friends about what your going through
- They get embarrassed
- Become a new target
- Don't listen to the people who are talking about you, just think about yourself

Bulletin Board 

- Don't share any photos
- Ashamed
- Laughed at
- Embarrassed
- Be careful what you share 


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