Thursday, October 9, 2014

Denice's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety

Here are some internet safety videos:

  • Anyone can see your stuff online. 
  • Think before you post.
  • You can become popular to the point of creepy.
  • Consider pedophiles. Pedophiles everywhere.
  • Don't post personal stuff; it will get seen.

The message of this video is...

Your digital footprint is important.

Talent Show:
  • Patty, poor poor Patty. 
  • Don't say things that you wouldn't say out loud online.
  • Just don't say anything bad about anyone at all.
  • Don't judge people by such trivial things.
  • Lindsay is an insensitive, shallow arse nugget. 

Bulletin Board:
  • Anything you post online can be seen and taken.
  • You have no control of any of this.
  • Think. Before. You. Post.
  • Anyone can see your posts.
  • It's completely your fault if something bad happens.

Words Hurt:

  • Words hurt.
  • Words can hurt as much as physical hurt.
  • Words that are said can come to life and quite literally knock you down.
  • Laughter is annoying.
  • Their insults are so outdated that I use them as terms of endearment.

  • Offensive stuff they're spittin' at eachother through online messages. 
  •  Cyber-bullying is a thing. 
  • Insults online; don't say them online. Or at all. You have a right to think though.
  • "Your mom" jokes are still a thing.
  • People are stupid enough to verbally abuse another person online instead of out loud. (Online: evidence. Not online: no other evidence other than the person saying so. And maybe cameras if you have them. And witnesses.)


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