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Henrielle's Timelines

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April 6,2001 CE

~ I was born in Manila,Philippines. I’m the second child of our family.


c. September,2001 CE
~ I’m only 5 months old when I start talking. My mom told me that I’m so talkative in such a young age.And the first thing I said was “Da”


c. December,2001 CE

~ I take my first steps in my parents bedroom.It's really funny because I keep crying when I fell down and I don't want to try it again


c.June,2004 CE

~I started going to school. And every time  my mom leaves I start crying.


c.July,2004 CE

~I encountered my fear of talking to people.Because  I got used on being locked inside our house and the only people I can talk was my brothers and cousins.Which makes everything hard for me.I always end up staying in the library of my school than socializing with other kids in my age.But at the Age of 4 I've overcome being like that.


 February 3, 2012 CE

~We celebrated my dad's birthday in Baguio,Philippines.It's the best day because everything was normal.No dramas,no fights and my dad is okay having my step sister with us.


~I got infected by the disease called measles.Trust me you don't want to have this disease it's really hard to move and everything hurts if you pop one of this thing.

c. July,2013

~I met the most realest person for me.The only one I consider as a true friend and best friend Justin Joy Sotio. It's funny that we have the exact same birthday but she is two years older than me.

c. August 2013

~I choreograph well err- let me rephrase I like choreograph half of the dance for a school project.

May 10, 2014 and September 25,2014~At May 10, my first niece was born her name is "Bella Franchesca". And on September 25 my Uncle had his first baby named "Malaiya"



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