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Francesca's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety

 Here are some Internet Safety Videos

The message of this video is to be careful of what you post online. As we saw on this short video, anyone could see the posts we make. Also, we have to take note that once we publish it on the web, it could always be seen again even if we deleted it. It could become unsafe for you if we do make that mistake and post something personal. That's why we should always be careful.

Your digital footprint is important

The message of this video is to tell the viewer that what you post as an individual could always be tracked down. That's not always a good thing because someone could use it and turn it into something inappropriate. Pictures of you, although you didn't post it yourself, could also still be seen. Always think before you post.

Bulletin Board - Online Safety Commercial
1) This shows that what you post online could never be deleted
2) Someone could use your pictures or information to ruin your reputation
3) Even if you think it's deleted, it could have been passed on to someone and that person could have saved it.
4) Think before you post
5) You can't take it back. Family, friends, anyone could see it

Kitchen - Cyber bullying Prevention Commercial
1) Name calling
2) Cyber bullying
3) If you can't say it to them in person, don't say it online
4) Rumors
5) Don't be offended/affected with what they say to you

Words Hurt - Bullying Commercial

1) Don't whisper/gossip
2) Don't be part of the bullying group
3) Ignore what they're saying
4) Leave them alone
5) Treat someone as you would want to be treated 

Talent Show - Cyber bullying

1) Don't embarrass someone in front of a group
2)  "If you wouldn't say it in person, why say it online?"
3) Delete cyber bullying
4) Don't write it
5) Don't forward it


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