Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lucas Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety

Here are some internet safety videos

 The msg of this video is

Its Your choice:

1.Don't take mean things to heart
2.Find things that you like and people to do them with
3.If things get rough get help
4.Don't lose hope
5.She confronted her bully

Everyone Knows Your Name:

1.Coach knows she has a tattoo
2.Two guys are talking about Sara
3.Theater guy asked Sara chat color is her under wear today
4.Random guy ask when you going to post something new
5.the "hot" guy knows Sara


1.If you wouldn't say it to someones face why say it online
2.Megan was called a tramp
3.She called Megan's mom lonely and asked how many boyfriends has she had.
4.She said that Megan was desperate

Words hurt

1.Was being talked behind her back
2.she was called a loser
3.She was getting laughed at
4.She was called a geek
5.The words were attacking her

Talent Show

1.She said really bad things to someone
2.She called paddy stupid
3.her hair was greasy and everything she did was ugly
4.She said paddy had dirty fingernails and she wears a nasty pink sweater
5.she said that paddy stuffs her face


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