Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Harry's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety

Here are some internet safety.

Everybody knows your name:

1) Think before you post
2) don't post anything personal online
3) Don't post pictures online
4) Don't use your real name
5) anyone can see your post

The message of this video is Your Digital footprint is important

It's your choice:

1) don't take mean things to heart
2) find things you love to do with people you know
3) don't lose hope
4) get help
5) be confident

Talent Show Cyber-bullying

1) Don't forward Cyber-bullying
2) Don't write stuff you wouldn't actually say to someone's face
3) Report cyber-bullying
4) Confront the bully
5) Don't forget the conseqences when you bully someone

Kitchen Cyber-bullying

1) Don't be a bystander
2) Don't say anything mean
3) Don't make personal attacks
4) Don't encourage cyber-bullying
5) Address your problems in real life and not online

Words Hurt:

1) Ignore the people who bully you
2) Words of course hurt people
3) Don't be part of the people who bully
4) Leave them
5) Don't say it to somebody if you aren't going to say that to yourself

Bulletin Board:

1) Think before you post
2) Don't show your face online
3) Don't post information about you online because once its up on the web, you can never get it out
4) Don't post pictures of you online
5) Don't share pictures you find of people you know


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