Friday, February 20, 2015

Rj's Term 2 Stuff

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Here are my post

We Day/BookMark

Kinetic Typography

Math Videos

In term 2 I learned how to make a video, how to do Kinetic Typography because at first I thought i was going to fail to make a Kinetic Typography and the Freak the Mighty Quotes. I also learned how to make a computer bookmark look more better with the same things we had on our hand drawn bookmark.

In the final term I want to learn how to edit videos to make like pop ups, somewhat similar to a youtubers's edits. I also want to make a medium difficulty animation just like we did for the butterfly video because it was really fun and i want to do more and also for the kinetic typography, it really turns on my imagination for the animations and the typography when we do it. I also want to create more posters and make it look like a real poster.


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