Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Denice's Term 2 Stuff

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Heeeere are my pooosts:
(Fractions Video is on a specific Desktop, it won't upload. What do I do with this piece of crap. Going to do a new one I guess. Making this anyway; will edit. EDIT: I made a new one.)

We Day Posters 

My Bookmark (Ignore postcard, and Google Docs made it look a lot more crappy than it did on Powerpoint. I think you get that.)

Kinetic Typography (Last part, "ALONG", is totally half-arsed, but I rushed to get it done which is great!)

Math Videos 

I learned that Mozilla Popcorn exists, and that you can animate fairly decently on Microsoft Powerpoint. (Just fairly decently.) I also learned how to do typographyyyy, but it's easier to just draw it on paper than use actual fonts. Still cool though. I already knew that these computers were dumb, so that's nothing new. I want to learn, uh. Codes? Whatever they are, they're cool. And confusing. Also, robots, if that's considered technology. I'm pretty sure it is. Robots are cool, okay now I'm done bye. 

Everything works right for once whoa that's amazing.


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