Friday, February 20, 2015

Kim's Term 2 Stuff

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We Day Bookmark

Kinetic Typography - Butterfly and Bookmark

Math Videos

In term 2,we learned how to do an animation on power point to create a Butterfly and Bookmark Kinetic Typography. We also learned how to make power point slides into a movie. This term is mostly about videos so we filmed a video tutorial on how to solve percents and fraction problems. We uploaded all of our videos on YouTube. We also learned how to insert popups and other fun stuff on the videos we made to make it more interesting and presentable. The website that we used to edit our videos is called Popcorn Maker. I can say that term 2 was fun because I, I mean WE, learned a lot of cool and amazing stuff.

In the final term, I want to learn things that I have never learned before like adding voice to a video, making my own website and do edits on pictures. I'm sure that the following terms will be more interesting and we will learn more things.


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