Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Francesca's Term 2 Stuff

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In term 2 I learned how to use Powerpoint to create a Kinetic Typography. While we were in Powerpoint, we also learned how to download our slides to YouTube as well as to Blogger. This term was mainly about videos so we learned a lot about uploading videos. Once we made our percent video and uploaded it to YouTube, we then explored Popcorn Maker. There, I learned how to insert a wikipedia and pop-ups! From Popcorn Maker, I also learned how to embed the URL and upload it to Blogger. Overall, term 2 was great and was full of learning!

In the final term I want to learn how to create my own website and maybe personalize it. Also, someone brought the subject of coding. It would be really cool to find out how they make games and make a small game of our own if we get the chance. I would also like to learn more about videos. For example, I want to be able to trim, add pictures, texts, and different effects to make a video more appealing and entertaining.


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