Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Danny's Internet Safety

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Internet Safety

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Here are some internet safety videos:

The message of the video is: To be careful what you post online because everyone can see it.

Bulletin Board
1. Whatever you post it will be there forever
2. When you post everyone can see it
3. Don't post things that you don't want others seeing
4. Don't put personal things on your profile
5. Always be cautious of what you post

1. Get good friends
2. Don't say mean things about others.
3. Gossip
4. Don't be mean
5. Desperate

Words Hurt
1. Called a loser
2. Don't be a part of it
3. Popular people
4. Called a geek
5. Words hurt people

Talent Show
1. Don't judge
2. Don't disrespect others
3. Patty was bullied
4. Characteristics
5. Don't be rude


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