Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fili's Term 2 Stuff

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Kinetic Typography

Math Videos

               In term 2, I learned how to put a power point presentation and turn it into a kinetic typography presentation. Also, I learned how to upload videos, edit videos from popcorn maker, and showing how to solve math equations using props or paper. I guess those math videos are suppose to look like a decent "commoncraft," video. I learned how to edit and embed videos into blogger using Youtube. But, overall I did like what we did in term 2. It was, I suppose, amusing, great, yet somewhat difficult due to those "fast" and "decent" computers, facepalm' (sorry computers). Though, even with those computers, the assignments that we did on those computers was great.

               In the final term, I want to learn how to take photos I made and use photoshop to edit it and to code a nice, and decent video game. I would also like to learn how to make the videos that we took and turn them into a more crisp, nice, and professional-looking video.


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