Friday, November 21, 2014

Kim's We Day Posters

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Marc and Craig Kiel-burger are co-founders of the world's leading platform for social change: Free The Children, an international charity, Me to We , an innovative social enterprise, and We Day , a signature youth empowerment. On October 29, 2014 at MTS center here in Winnipeg, they were to speak at We Day infront of hundreds of different makers.

One of their quotes that I chose to use is "The most important equation to learn is Give+Issue=Change" because it is really meaningful and a good message to people that want to make a difference. Marc and Craig teach us how to be responsible and how to be a difference maker to help the world change. Anyone can be a difference maker in anyways that they want. Ex :
Be a risk taker , Help students who is getting bullied , Participate in any activities that has something to do on helping people, like what we did last year we help typhoon victims in the philippines by running a fundraser to earn money.


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