Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Henrielle's We Day Posters And Bookmark

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We Day

Craig and Marc Kielburger

International activists and co-fonder in We day.They spoke in We Day in Winnipeg,Manitoba. One of the quotes that really speak to me was "The heart of empowerment is WE". It's really inspiring because you can't be empowered just by yourself. There won't be WE if all you think about is ME.

Thinking that you can survive on your own. Maybe you need to change your perspective.How will you survive without any help from the other?.You can't do things if you are not encourage to do it for someone. For example your parents that work so hard just to feed you and supply all your need. Do you think they would work that hard if it's only for them?. No, they won't because they have someone that inspire them to work hard.

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