Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jannelle's We Day Posters

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14 year old girl, Sydney Brouillard - Coyle is one of the speakers for We Day. Sydney dreams of being elected to be the Prime Minister of Canada. When she was 9, she went to local clothing cupboard to volunteer in the morning, and she saw countless people without any proper clothing for winter. She met a guy named "Richard" and followed him to the basement where the clothes were kept. After when she saw Richard, she wanted to do something. So she started the "Garden of Love". At the age of 12, Sydney was invited to speak at We Days across Canada. 
           The quote that I chose from Sydney was "It doesn't matter what your race, age, or skin colour you are, you are made to change the world". I chose this quote because it doesn't matter at all if your skin colour is white or black, or if your a 9 years old, you can change the world. Anyone can change the world by taking small steps. 


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