Sunday, November 23, 2014

Francesca's We Day Posters

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Marc and Craig Kielburger are one of the many speakers in We Day. These two difference makers started changing the world when they were twelve years old. One of the things they mentioned were, "Turn your passion into actions." To me, that means that if you want to be a difference maker, and you're passionate about it, there is always a way to make that passion of yours work. That's exactly what they did. Another statement that stuck with me would be, "The power of teamwork can change the world", meaning if we all work together, we will be successful to making this world a better place.
Travis Price also spoke at We Day. He was the one who started the Pink Shirt Day. He first started it in Nova Scotia when someone was bullied in high school for wearing a pink shirt. One of the things he said was to not let someone interfere with something you can do.


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