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Harry's Greece Unproject

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The Gift of Fire

Zeus and Prometheus

The first humans had troubles with the gods. The gods thought humans as toys, but some found the humans interesting. One of those gods who thought they were interesting was Prometheus. 

Zeus was one of the gods who thought of humans as toys, and was  angry at mankind. He was the one who decided that mankind would not get a very important tool, fire. Without fire, humans would probably not survive, since they would not be able to warm themselves up or cook with it.

 Prometheus felt sorry for his human friends, since fire could help them cook stuff and so he stole one of Zeus's lightening bolts and gave it to mankind. That's when man discovered fire.

When Zeus found out, he was extremely mad. He ordered Prometheus to be chained to a rock as a punishment for stealing his lightening bolt and for helping the humans.

After nearly 1000 years, Hercules finally released Prometheus from his chains.

Here is my stop motion video. (This video has an HD Option if you want)



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