Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Denice's Greeced Lightning

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(I'm sorry it's not actually to the song, but you can still play over it if you want- it's late.)

I couldn't colour it, or finalize it; it's around 3000 frames. Soooo this'll have to doooo. It's basically a rough draft kinda, but it works and I might be able to do the rest on whatever free time I have.


  HERACLES - Also known as Hercules; a famous hero known for his tremendous strength. He wanders to Mount Olympus here. 

  MOUNT OLYMPUS - The mountain where the Olympian Gods resided.
  HEPHAESTUS - The God of Blacksmiths, Sculptors, Metallurgy 
  APHRODITE - The Goddess of Love, Desire, Beauty

  ARES - God of War, aayy

  ATHENA - Goddess of Reason, Intelligent Activity, Arts, Literature, (Strategic War)

  POSEIDON - God of the Sea

  APOLLO - God of Music

  ARTEMIS - Goddess of Chastity, Virginity, the 'Hunt', the Moon, the Natural Environment

  HERMES - God of Commerce 

  HADES - God of the Underworld

  HERA - Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth

  ZEUS - God of the Sky

  ORACLE - A person (usually female) that can speak to the Gods, therefore acting as a proxy to others for a service.

  MEDUSA - Do we all not know this one? A Gorgon sister, has hair  that is also SNAKES, cursed, turns things she looks at into to  stone. You know  this.

  DIONYSUS - God of PARTY Wine and Fertility

  ME - Shameless self insert.

  TARDIS LIGHT - Shameless reference. 


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