Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ferdinand's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety 


Here are some internet safety videos

The message of this video is

1) Anyone can see your posts
2) Don't post anything personal online
3) Be careful before posting
4) Think before you post
5) Don't post pictures that are personal

Talent Show

1) Don't Cyberbully
2) Tell a parent or teacher
3) Tell the bully to stop
4) Don't anything you wouldn't say to their face
5) If you see cyberbullying, don't be a bystander

Bulletin Board

1) Whatever you post, it will be there FOREVER!
2) Anyone can see what you post online, even strangers
3) Don't post personal pictures because people can share them to others
4) Don't share pictures to people you don't know
5) Don't post things that you might later regret

Words Hurt

1) Tell a parent or teacher
2) Don't fight back
3) Words hurt other people
4) Don't be gossiping about other people
5) Treat others the way you wanted to be treated


1) Don't encourage others to cyberbully or bully, and don't start it
2) Don't bystand
3) Help the victim out
4) Think before you say anything
5) If you wouldn't say it in person, why say it online

Your digital footprint is important

1) Be strong
2) Don't take anything seriously
3) Everyone has a digital dossier
4) Its hard to delete something online
5) You dossier starts when your an infant

By: Ferdinand Dimatatac


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